Bugging bed bugs

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You remember the movie ‘A bug’s life?’. Well its one of my all time favourites (I love animation movies in case you don’t know). It changed my view on all kinds of insects and bugs for……the length of the movie. OK a little longer than that. Every time i saw a bug of any kind, i would give it a second thought before smashing it to pulp, unless it was really bugging me(pun intended). Now that’s all in the past because of these wretched things called bed bugs. Luckily luckily we don’t have the problem of bed bugs in India. Of all the places, i find them in Australia? “Abroad”, in the so called “foreign country”, where everything is supposed to be spic and span and clean. Where people don’t litter, where you don’t find dirt, and where some of the people look at you like dirt just because you are an Indian.

The general idea that people from other countries have about India is that of a poor, starving nation, with dirty children, garbage and flies all around and litter everywhere. For all those ‘frogs in the well’ who think this is the case… well i hate to burst your bubble but am going to do so. Its not specific to India. Yes there are places like that, but that does not mean that the whole country is littered with garbage and that we are all living on one huge pile of rubbish. It also does not mean that the other countries are the cleanest nations in the whole wide world. There are places in your countries too (Hey i can spot out as many as you want) that are dirty, polluted and crawling with bed bugs and the likes.

Did you know that there is a heavy breakout of cockroaches and bed bugs all over Australia over the past few years? Yes that’s what the pest control guy said. So did google.

It took a month to discover the cause for all those angry red bumps all over my arms. With no experience at all with bed bugs, it dint cross our mind in the begininng that we should look for them. One fine day, after a particularly long session of itching and scratching, we took the whole bed apart, and to our horror discovered bed bugs! When this is such a common problem (as claimed by the pest control guy) you’d think that they’d have some kind of disinfectant or sprays available. Apparantly they don’t. You have no choice but to call the pest control guys who make you burn a HUGE hole in your pocket, and end up leaving the job half done. They guy took hardly five minutes to spray something (he wouldn’t tell us what spray he was using) all over the room and he left, inspite of us repeatedly telling him to check all the nooks and corners and spray inside the cupboards and blah blah…

As predicted, a few lucky(or unlucky) ones survived. We were so peeved we decided to take the matter into our own hands (there was no way he was coming back after he boastfully said ‘I’ve never been called back anytime until now’ ) and i think, i think they are all gone. We searched, cleaned, killed and vaccummed like crazy!

Half this post is me venting out steam against all those biased against India. Half against the damn bed bugs that bit me and sucked my blood for a whole month and didn’t let me sleep. Also there is no way am going to step back and watch and let someone have a go at India!


Missing top models

How often do we crib about our looks? There are countless people who on countless occasions have been dissatisfied and even depressed about some part of their face/body. The next time you look in the mirror and start complaining…. just remember these girls..

Sophie Morgan

“When she was eighteen years old, Sophie was in a car accident the day after receiving her A-level results. She broke her back, which means that she’s paralyzed from the chest down and will always use a wheelchair”

One of the contestants of the reality program ‘Britain’s Missing Top Model’, which is a platform providing a chance for the differently-abled to showcase their modelling talents and win a photo shoot and appear in a top fashion magazine. In no way does she look like she is paralyzed in the photo above.

Kelly Knox

“Kelly was born without a left forearm, a fact that only ever bothers her when trying to cut an especially tough bit of meat during dinner. When she was eight years old, she made a conscious decision not to wear a prosthetic arm, as she doesn’t like them”

To be able to deal with it is a great thing, And to do so in public, in front of millions of people is just amazing confidence. With an amazingly stunning face, oozing self-confidence, and a killer positive attitude, no doubt she is the winner!


“Becca was born with a hip that did not grow and a left leg that only grew from the knee down – so effectively she had one leg much shorter than the other. She refers to it as her ‘little leg’, and it is now the length of her thigh.”

She wears a prosthetic leg. And am sure none of you can tell. The ease with which she poses and that relaxed, self-assured expression, masks everything else.

Kelly moody

“As a nine-week old baby, a loud bang could not wake Kellie from her sleep. It was then that her mum knew Kellie was deaf. Being deaf was especially rough at school, where the other children bullied her for it. Luckily, she had a supportive and loving family behind her.”

She can’t hear, she cannot talk ‘perfectly like everybody else’ she says, BUT i can do it. I can win this thing she says.

Be happy with who you are and be thankful for what you have. All of us are special in our own unique way and we all know that. But sometimes a little reminder and a little jolt into reality can do wonders to your attitude. Remember the girls, and be happy! If they can do it, you can most definitely do it.

pictures courtesy : http://www.bbc.co.uk/missingmodel/models/

Chaotic thoughts from an orderly mind

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Just back from swimming… and this time i didn’t laze around in the kids pool. That was not me on the kids slides. I just swam…… like a lot!!! For some reason they din’t let us swim laps in the pro section. They din’t want all that competition i guess. Our water-splashing-swimming-skills must have scared them.

Off late i haven’t been blogging much. Not daily, like i once used to. Not sure if its the drastic change in routine or that i have finally exhausted all thoughts in my head! I seriously doubt if its the second reason.
Maybe its just a phase. I haven’t got bored of writing, and i never will. Just blogging. I think i need to make a few changes here.

Latest painting – A very late house-warming present for my sister’s house.
Happy with the way it turned out!
Maybe i should start taking orders soon? 😉

Bowling champion!

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For the first time ever i went bowling! Yes I’ve never bowled a single ball in my entire life. Guilty! I didn’t know it could be so much fun. I was jumping like a maniac every time i hit a single pin. Which… was not very often. See i blame it all on the potato wedges. If i hadn’t been eating them in between every throw, i wouldn’t have oily fingers and would have had a better grip on the ball (and not dropped it on my foot almost. Almost.)

First of i wasn’t even sure that i would be able to lift the ball. Those who know me or have seen me would definitely agree. So i wasn’t really up for the plan and would have preferred strolling on the beach or something. But Friday evening + rain + boredom + crowded shopping malls + boredom.. again, made me think that it wasn’t such a bad idea. As i said I’ve never been to a bowling alley in India, so i don’t have much to compare here, but this one just blew my mind! It was the biggest I’ve ever seen. For some reason, the weird dim blue lighting was what convinced me that this was a great plan.Go figure!

I was tempted to use the little stand+slide like thingy that all the little kids were using to bowl. And it struck me a second late that there were 5yr olds and 10yr olds bowling, pushing, and some of them also sliding along with ball, but doing it! So there i was, picking up the ball, looking around at everyone, and then aiming perfectly straight and whoosh! Down the gutter it goes (i was calling it that, before i realised that was what its called!). Second attempt is not so bad. I knock down one or two and everyone is cheering me madly (or so i imagine). The third time, its a perfect strike!!! I do a little jig and look back with a triumphant smile…. to find no one there. Great. Buying potato wedges is more important right now than my trophy-winning throws. When they are back, obviously no one believes me when i say ‘all fell down’ and am made to prove it again. Only problem, it doesn’t happen. Am down in the gutter again! A few more attempts, trying to spin and swing my arm like a pro, before i decide its not doing me any good. We were playing for points and frankly, between stuffing my mouth with potato wedges and all those fancy arm swings, i was wayyyyy behind.

Going for my oh-so-perfect! strike

In the second game, i picked my pace. Yes, miracles happen! And for me happened in the form a red ball, which was the only ball comfortable in weight and was responsible for all my wonderful strikes. So each time i would wait for the red ball to come up and grab it before anyone else could. Must have been obvious coz the next time someone else picked it and tried. Works only for me though! Ha!
Two hours passed too quickly. I dint win but i got a pretty decent score (I have proof). So I’ve decided. Until am sick of it, am going to go bowling every day. Well not every day, but…. you get the point.

Gaming arcades are always fun. For some reason i love all those car racing games, air hockey and the likes of it. I better not enter a casino anytime soon! Not until am filthy rich anyway!

p.s – ‘Help Japan’ – Find more information here

Boxes and Wires


Someone, somewhere was trying to explain the difference between a man’s brain and a woman’s brain. A man’s brain, he said, consists of boxes. Many little boxes all independent of one another. A box for food, a box for work, a box for sports and so on and a tiny little box with nothing in it. EMPTY. The ‘Nothing’ box.

So when he is at work, its only the ‘work box’ that works. Which is why he claimed they have more focus and concentration and are generally more successful. And when with his guy friends its… well some weird box that works. We dont want to talk about that now! And when he is with you…. its supposed to be that special ‘Your’s truly box’ that works, but i somehow have that sneaky feeling that most of the time its the ‘nothing’ box. Like when you are out shopping together and stuff. Na?

And now a woman’s brain(He kinda said a little prayer before he started to explain) is made up of hundreds and thousands and millions of wires… all one over another… all in a tight ball… with no beginning and no end… all connected to… all. Seriously… career is connected to family, family to friends, friends to shopping, shopping to money, money to every damm thing! You touch one and BOOM! Everything bombs…Its a domino effect!

Now am a girl and i should probably get all worked up and say, hey! we can make clear headed decisions and not link unnecessary things together! We can work out things. We can be selfish and think ‘within the box’. But, we dont really do that. Seriously we really don’t have those boxes. At least i dont. I muddle up and mess up and complicate things very beautifully. Oh yes, a lovely mess i like to call it! I touch one wire in my head and BOOM! I can literally see sparks come out! I think about my career and link it to a hundred other people and things. I think about my future house and link to a few hundred more things. I make mistakes. I have my priorities wrong. I get scared to take the first step. I think too much. And out of all the confusion always comes the best decision ever. Always.

Maybe its because we dont have boxes that we are able to think better than men. Think “out of the box”. Inspite of that tight ball of messy wires in our head, we keep our cool in a crisis. We eveluate, analyze, draw out the pros and cons, weigh our words, keep in mind all other aspects, consider other’s feelings, think about the consequences and come out with the perfect solution.  Men claim they dont understand women, and they never will, not if they use that ‘Nothing’ box they wont. And even if they tried, i dont think they’ll understand the way we think. Its something that you cant explain, something that only another woman can undestand.

So lets all just hush! and remain a mystery! As long as it works for us 😉

*To all men – Don’t take it to heart! We know we cant do without you! *

*To all women – You know what i actually mean 😉 *

These are a few of my favourite things……

……..When the dog bites..
When the bee stings…
When am feeling sad..
I simply remember my favoutite things…
And then i dont feel….
Soooo bad!!!!!

Sounds familiar? If its something that you’ll recognize the moment you listen to it, even in deep deep deep sleep, then welcome to my club 🙂
Its one of my all time favourite movies – ‘The Sound Of Music’. Not just mine, but my entire familiy’s! In fact when we went on our Europe tour a few months back, we made sure that we stopped in Salzburg, Austria (where this film was shot) and visited the place. It was already getting late and we had to get back to the hotel. On top of that we had just missed the last round of ‘Sound of Music tour’, where they take you to all the places the film was shot. So we were on our own, had to go by foot… and managed to see only one of the places. But you should have seen our excitement!!!

Anyway, inspired by the song here is a compilation of a few of my current favourite things –

*Sydney at night. A stroll along the harbour. Lovely Lights! *
*Neither sunny, nor too cloudy. And a perfect breeze!*
*My new hat! Perfect to catch a few winks after hours of walking and shopping 😉 *
*Two of the many latest buys in Sydney.
New clothes + excitement = weird expressions that need to be cropped *
*A beach that stretches upto seven miles and no one in sight except us *
(Thats the beauty of 7-mile beach. Makes everyone feel that way!)
*Latest painting for my sister’s house. A little something to brighten their walls 🙂 *
This should cheer me up! If it doesn’t, hey, i can always shop again right? ;)

Pointless points……

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Things i find nice and weird in foreign countries, no matter how many times i face them…..

1. Pedestrians on the road rule. The right of way is always theirs. Ok we rule even in India. Err.. in a slightly different way. All you need to do when crossing the road is raise your had signalling every vehicle to stop. Bus, scooter, car – doesn’t matter which. They’ll curse you, swerve to avoid hitting you, slam into each other, bump their bumpers… BUT you cross the road. And then there are those who’ve had enough of you hand raising. Yours and every other person’s. And they stop an exact inch away from you. And out flow the gaalis. But here its totally different. Even after all this while, when i see a car speeding towards me, i hesitate to cross. It just doesn’t seem to enter my mind that he will stop for me.

2. Cars always maintain lanes. Back in India – lane? what lane? If there is space you occupy it. Doesn’t matter if you have to directly cut across someone or block a dozen cars from the opposite direction or almost run over a pedestrian or push over a motor bike. You occupy. That’s it. Whichever lane you can find. Even on a 5 lane road, you can see a minimum of 10 zig-zagged lanes.
But here, there are traffic jams that stretch upto miles BUT you can see four perfect lines of cars in four perfect lanes. Well in most cities, except maybe Florence and other cities in Italy. They drive a bit like us.

3. The shops. The shops. Why why why do they close so early?

4. Back home we have Apollo Pharmacy open 24×7. And here we have, medical centers and chemists that close at 9. But hey liquor shops are open all night long! Next time you have a fever or a splitting headache, cure it with a bottle or two.

5. They have side walks for walking. Not for putting up road side shops (Although i admit i love shopping there!), not for beggars sleeping, and definitely nor for spitting.

6. You cant really see dirt. At least in the big cities. Every bit of ground is tirelessly covered in grass and shrubs. Which is why there is a lot less dust.

7. Windows seldom have grills. I love love love big french windows and such. And to decorate them with long flowing curtains, which, i would keep changing every few months. No grills! Ha! I wish… Actually i don’t know why we have grills. To keep the burglars out? Birds and animals? What then?

8. I know i have been cribbing a lot about the shops closing early. But i also love it from the point of view of the workers. Finishing your job at sharp 5 or 6 and then having the whole evening to yourself, your family, friends, is total bliss! They work hard, they party harder. Come evening and come weekend and holidays, everybody for sure goes away. For the weekend, for a few days. To the beach, with a boat in tag. A mini-van with cycles perched on top. Caravans and families. A pretty common sight, especially in Europe. They make sure they get their due of ‘ME time’ and ‘Family time’.

9. Shopping!!! Actually this is not area specific. *smirk*. But i love the different variety here. Ok who doesn’t!

10. Anddddd  #10 – Inspite of all these, there’s no place like HOME 🙂

p.s – All the new followers… welcome aboard!!  😀
p.p.s – Am again falling behind on reading all your blogs and visiting the new ones… Will catch up soon, i promise!

No privacy!

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You ever get the feeling that you are being watched? When walking down the road, or browsing through a department store or just sitting on a park bench? Ever got the feeling of being watched on the internet? I get that a lot. Maybe i am already a little over cautious and wary about it. So i get that feeling quite often. I keep worrying a lot about privacy on facebook and on my blog. I know, i know you’ll just say stop blogging and delete your account if you are so bothered! But am also sure you would also agree that its close to impossible! And also if i never started blogging in the first place, why would the thought of privacy even cross my mind?

Well anyway, like i always say when you go public you are judged. Whether you have a personal blog or whether you are a film star. Similarly when you go public, so does your privacy. The best you can do is be as careful as you can. And as much as i don’t like being judged ‘the wrong way’, i try my best to not let it get to me. Its my blog and yes, i can write what i please but at the same time since am putting it out for the public to see and give their opinions, i kinda have to follow certain “unofficial rules” too. We do that everywhere of course, as long as we are part of the “society”.

Ok so i was talking about privacy. Should i just give some things up for fear of it? It seems silly, even absurd at first. But isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? How would you know. Its upto me to assess my situation and come to a decision. Right. So. Well. My thoughts are going wayyyyy into tangent. Stopping now!

I spent the last two hours wandering around Westfield. A mall here. Did a little shopping for myself and my sis. There was one store where i could have bought the whole shop. I liked at least 10 items there. And i was there for only a minute exact. So you can imagine. Going back there again for sure. If not for this stupid deadline of shops closing early ( 9pm on thursday and 5pm on other days) i would have bought them today itself. Ended up saving money unintensionally!

Oh and there are a few more lovely pics from the 7-mile beach and Manly beach – two very beautiful beaches here, which am too lazy and tired (from coughing all day long – poor me.) to post now…. Next post!
So much for my talk about privacy huh!

So until Saturday then!
Hows your week so far? 🙂

Random questions tag and an award.

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Today’s been a pretty dull day so far. All because of my itchy throat. And thats because i indulged in some heavenly icecream yesterday. Its itchy, its sore and its itchy. Hmmm… I started a new painting today. Yes its for my sister’s house. Yesterday i went to ‘Riot’ – an art and crafts supply shop to get all the required things. How i wish we had such a store, such a huge store in India. I could spend hours looking through all the different things there. The variety is so amazing, so colourful that even a person remotely interested in painting/art/DIY would want to live in the store forever! Seriously its that good!

A week back Dipti from Sedative tagged all the girls to do the ’25 Random Questions Tag’
Since i have nothing better to now.. here goes…

1. Where were you three hours ago?
Outside the house staring at the neighbour’s cat (Its a scary thing. And so BIG)

2. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?
My sister’s perfume bottle. I dont like pink. Its automatically branded as a girly colour and i generally try to avoid it.

3. What are you wearing right now?
Grey shorts. Red tank top. Specs.

4. What are the colours of your bedroom walls?
Lavender (Dont say thats more or less pink. Its not!)

5. Who is the last person you sent  a message/comment/BBM ?
Oh god! Ages ago. I haven’t switched on my cell since i got here (Sydney)

6. What does your last text message say?
Umm.. text message that i received or the one i sent? Ok both then…
Me – boarding the flight now 🙂 Bye 🙂
Reply – Ok 🙂 Have a safe trip 🙂 Bye again 🙂

7. Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and coke?
Yes. And i like Coke.

8. Is your hair curly or straight?
Straight-ish.. wavy-ish. Thats the best way i can describe it!

9. What is the hardest thing you ever had to do?
Once i decide to do it, nothing is hard.

10. Favourite two colour cobination?
Black & white. Blue & white.

11. What is your favourite accessory?
All of ’em!

12. Which current celebrity style do you admire the most?
Surprisingly None.

13. What is your favourite fashion store/shop?
Ha ha ha ho ho ho… I’d have to list about 50 here!

14. When was the last time you drove out of town?
I flew out of country 3 weeks back. Does that count? Ok drive… well 2 years back.

15. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
People talking, sister singing, door creaking, spoon against glass….

16. What was the last thing you bought?

A pair of shorts and this…
Plan to paint it and…. dunno… do something with it!
17. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?
Really dont want to mention it here!
18. Favourite Food?
Tough. Toughest question. Really depends on my mood.
19. Biggest turn off?
Oh many. People who talk while chewing. People with no respect for privacy. People who judge impulsively. Loud people. CROWDS.
20. What do you always have on you/wear?
My chain.
21. What does your screen name mean/how did you come up with it?
Chandana – well thats my name! But still it means sandalwood fragrance. My mom came up with it. LOL.
22. Favourite style of top/blouse?
Its got to have one particular kind of sleeve which is hard to explain. Like most of the things i like which are hard to explain.
23. Favourite tv show.
FRIENDS comes first. How i met your mother, full house and all the rest follow
24. Favourite tv show from childhood?
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Captain Planet, Popye 😀
I used to only watch cartoons back then
25. What does your dream bedroon look like?
Spacious. Round bed. Huge walk-in wardrobe. French windows with long curtains. HUGE bathroom 🙂
Phew! Done! It dint seem so long when i started typing out the first question!
Ok dont go away… there’s more. You are bored, i know. But you wouldn’t have come this far if you weren’t already bored what whatever that is you are doing!
Got awarded yet another award by Purple Butterfly . Thank you so much! 🙂
Ok now.. Are you game? 7 more things about me? I could fill pages and pages.. so…

1. Am afraid of the dark. Even now.
2. I prefer summers to winters. Cant stand cold weather.
3. I bite my nails. Except when i have nail polish on.
4. I have a thing for lillies.. love them 🙂
5. Am hopeless at walking in high heels. More than 3 inches that is.
6. I have a phobia for lifts. I dont climb in unless i have some company with me (at least in India. I dont trust Indian lifts) or i take the stairs. Upto 6 floors is ok. I can climb. More than that am forced to take the lift.
7. For the first time in my life i’ve been reading a 300 page novel for more than a week! I usually finish in 2 days.

Now whom do i pass this on to?
Bhargavi Kashyap from Ink Imprints. Congrats girl! 🙂