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I spent the last couple of days reading everthing i could find on how people had come up with their blog names. Its sometimes even more interesting than reading blogs! Out of the hundreds and thousands of blogs available, we pick and follow a handful.. How do we pick what to follow? Is it always based on the content? Or because of a catchy name? Most of us would say both… But am just curious, which do we tend to favour more? Of course no one in their right mind would follow a blog that makes no sense, even if its name is worth a million bucks but other than that….

Its amazing how some are able to squeeze in so much creativity in one single line… A perfect combination of words that says everything it has to about you and your blog, that has a hint of sarcasm and mischief, that shows your humorous and witty side, which is so unique and at the same time perfectly acceptable… The moment you read such names… you think… ‘Oh wow! That is so perfect, now why dint i think of this?’

I keep coming up with so many names and combinations and the more i keep browsing, the more ideas come rushing into my head. If given my way i would change my blog name every week! Something different, something jazzy, that is still in sync with what i write… No am not fickle-minded, yes i know what exactly am going to be writing on my blog. Its just that am oh-so-creative *big shameless grin*. I have already been tempted to change it too many times…. but until i come up with something really perfect ( and i mean perfectly perfect, more than allllllll the names i have thought of till now… so tough competition..hmmm) i dont think i’ll change it. And of course the fact that i dont want my readers to run away!

So what’s your pick? Know any whacky, creative,  just perfect blogs with perfect names?
You can name yours too, and the story behind your name if its on your list 😛

You can name mine too. Just a thought! *wink*


Hair Tales…

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Me and my haircuts.. we have a love/hate relationship..
Oh wait..  Before that, we actually go through a few other stages..
Longing for long hair (no pun intended),
Confusion(should i cut? should i wait? cut? wait? ),
Resentment (urgghh… i hate long hair, i have to cut it.. have to!), .. and many more in between.

I decided that i need to cut my hair every six months(minimum). On good hair days, i break the rule and extend it to an year… and on bad/unmanageable hair days.. i decide am going to rush to the parlour the same evening and chop it off.. no second thoughts!!!, when suddenly it (my hair) becomes normal and tame again…

Then there are days when i love my long hair in the morning and start hating it by evening. I don’t really pamper it, i don’t use any fancy products, never coloured my hair, always wanted to try drastically different haircuts.. but never did. In spite of all this i obsess over it a lot. It has to look perfect all the time.. which it doesn’t. It should never get tangled, which it does and lie just the way i want it to…which it doesn’t.

And then the love/hate relationship… The moment i cut my hair.. i completely hate it.. sulk for a day or two… crib.. curse the person who cut it.. and immediately start planning on the next one… And the same cycle continues. I decided to keep it long.. love it for a while, think and think and think if i really, really need to cut my hair. And one fine day, in a photo with friends, i spot how dull its looking, and decide i have to cut it. After much deliberation i finally  do it…. aaannnddd… you guessed it right.. i hate it.

Before you label me as a self-obsessed, hair-obsessed 20-something with no-care-in-the-world(except my hair)…. in my defence, i have never ever had that ‘perfect haircut’ that everyone seems to have…
Every time i enter the beauty parlour with a definite hair-plan, the lady seems to have a plan of her own! And before i know it… chop! chop! chop! and she’s done… !

Anyway currently i am done with my two-day-sulking-over-bad-haircut, and starting today morning.. i love it! Its not that different from the previous one(i really should experiment more) but at least it looks like it has a life!


Cooking – My new found talent!

I am inspired!
With all the wonderful feedback from my lovely followers and my family, who actually tasted the dishes i cooked,(am talking about the ones i made here) i decided to continue my cooking for the next three days… Am actually enjoying it! Who knew i was a natural at cooking eh? Its always nice to discover good things about yourself 🙂

Baby Corn and Capcicum curry
Aloo Methi (Potato with Fenugreek)

Bottle Gourd Gravy curry

My favourite of the three? Baby Corn and Capcicum. I love baby corn and i loved the way it turned out!
Cooking can be fun… when you are doing it for fun… and not at the end of an exhaustive day!

Have a great weekend!



To No One In Particular –

What we  project is what others see. We project what we want others to see. Others see what they want to see. We want others to see what we project or We want others to see what we want them to see inspite of what we project.
End result – you figure it out!
So cut the act and be who you are.
Quit copying other people.
There is a difference between observing, learning and incorporating ideas from others and blatantly copying them.
Be original. Be who you are.
In blog world and (more importantly) in real life.
There is nothing to be gained by pretending to be what you are not. Be proud of who you are.
Everybody has talent. Some discover it early and some late.
Never ever let someone put you down.
When you are in the public eye, you are judged. Whether you have a personal blog or you are a movie star.
Stick to your values and ideals. Be true to yourself.

– To Be Taken With A Pinch Of Salt 😛

All in good spirit
Phew.. feels good to have this out of my system!
Nothing specific that brought out this spurt of wisdom 🙂
Just daily musings…  Thinking about all the issues and insecurities i faced long long ago… and when finally ‘growing up’ happened… ‘maturity’ , ‘realization’ , ‘contentment’, and a whole lot of other things happened 🙂

Its one of those days where am happy and excited for no reason at all.. love it when that happens… Its like you have a surprise for yourself that you are dying to find out!
But you cant because you dont know what it is!Vicious circle? Deadlock? Am not making any sense? Yes i agree with the last one 😀

All is not perfect. It never is. Am frustrated that am not getting time to finish my paintings. They have been ‘half-way along’ since so long! Since i decided to cut down my internet time… should be done by this weekend.

Before i put an end to this incredibly random post…
Happy Happy Birthday to my Wonderful cousin Sravanthi! 😀
Will come to Chennai soon and we’ll go ice-skating!!

Proud to be an Indian!

The 61st Republic Day of India
Origin :
The name India is derived from Indus, which is derived from the old Persian word Hindu, from Sanskrit sindhu, the historic local appellation for the Indus River.
India was the richest country before British ruled over us.
It is also one of the most ancient civilizations.
India is the largest democracy in the world.
India is the 2nd fastest growing economy, has the second largest pool of scientists, is the second largest english speaking nation
India is the 3rd most powerful nation in the world.
India is the 4th largest producer of wind energy, and is the fourth largest oilseed producing country
India is the 5th largest tourist genetating market, global retail destination
India is the 6th largest e-commerce hub and service exporter
India is the 7th largest country in the world, and the 7th largest vehicle producing country.
India has the world’s 8th largest airport- Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal – T3
India is the 9th largest industrialized economy
India is the world’s 10th largest gold holder.
Founder and creater of Hotmail  – Sabeer Bhatia
Creator of Pentium chips – Vinod Dahm
President at AT&T Bell Labs – Arun Netravalli
Co-founder of Sun Microsystems – Vinod Khosla
More facts:
Constitution of india also recognizes Bharat as an official name of equal status as India.
India is one of the few countries in the world which gained independence without violence.
Chess was invented in India.
India has the maximum number of postoffices.
India has the largest numner of news channels
Bollywood with about 400 films every year is the largest centre of film production in the world.
Until 1896, India was the only source for diamonds to the world.
The early morning mist… people coved in shawls and jackets… all assembling near the Rashtrapathi Bhavan (Sanskrit for Presidential house/Palace) to watch the parade – thats the true essence of Republic Day in India. For the rest of us.. who are not in Delhi (telling myself again.. that next year i’ll be in Delhi to watch it!)
Watching the parade on tv while having breakfast..The smartly dressed marching contingents.. hearing my grandfather’s stories about war and life in army for the nth time which immediately transports you back to the freedom struggle and Kargil war… and makes you realise who the true Heros of our country are! The kids, the little heros receiving bravery awards for their deeds..The amazing parade showcasing the richness and wealth of each state in India… from environmental forests to science and technology.. from agricultural progress to child education.. you cannot help but feel a stir of emotions in your heart when you see all this… 🙂
To pen down all the interesting facts and proud achievements of our country would take time… because of the great number of acomplishments that we have… and continue to acomplish!
Make India Proud!

Girls Night Out – Dinner

friends, weekend
Just when i said i had no plans and i was going to spend a lazy sunday at home… something had to happen right? Life doesn’t let you be lazy when you want to.. It comes rushing in the form of two best friends – Shwetha and Rashmi, who make you move your lazy butt and drag you out to an awesome dinner… Not that i needed much of dragging!!! We started with a crazy photo session… which we hadn’t done in a long time… and when we had finally built up an appetite with all the running around(photos somehow make us all kiddish and giggly)..we headed out to dinner.. After placing an extensive order.. we decided that the lighting in the restaurant was perfect for a few shots. Finally when the food arrived we grew considerate enough to stop disturbing everyone with our flashes. When we were done stuffing ourselves.. we headed home.. aaannnddd.. why am i even writing all this???

I got a warning request from one of them that today’s post had better be about this.. so here it is! To many more such nights(and days)!

On saturday i happened to catch ‘Dhobi Ghat’ [ A Hindi/English movie ]. I had a lot of expectations from it. Its a out and out art film.. Not everyone’s cup of coffee..err…tea. In the reviews it was mentioned that it wont really appeal to a person from Mumbai, but others would definitely get a feel of how life is in Mumbai.. Thats the only part i dont agree with..  Every metropolitan city is the same.. You really cant find that big a difference.. especially in moden lifestyles..  There was nothing in the movie that i found new.. or that ‘opened my eyes’ about Mumbai/life in Mumbai.. Its typical everywhere.. Its just a stereotype that has been continuing over the years(when there really was a noticable difference int he lifestyles and choices of people in different cities). Then again this is just my opinion. And… oh ya Good that they din’t have a break in the movie.

[p.s – This was supposed to be yesterday’s post… but with internet server being down the whole day (grrr) managed to post this today.. also it made be realise am becoming even more addicted to internet(if thats possible!)… so starting today.. gotta bring down!!)

p.p.s – Welcome to all the new followers! To my world of coffeeandmadness!
            And thanks for following!]

Weekend happenings..

Its amazing how one single picture on facebook has sparked a series of comments and nostalgic reminiscence. Quite diffent from the usual and boring comments like “Nice pic!”, “Looking good!”, and the ever popular “Like” among us lazy buggers…. this one was truly enjoyable.

It all started with a group picture someone had uploaded. A class picture, of our 3rd grade class. Its not the first time someone has posted photos from school or childhood, but, it is the first time that almost everyone (who is in the picture) has commented on it. What is so special you ask? Hmmm… I really dont know.. but everyone had something to say about the picture.. What started as casual comments led to friendly banter, teasing someone who was grinningly way to mischieviously, the class topper with the good conduct badge, the class jokers in weird poses, to our wonderful class teacher who (it seems) had given each of us an ‘Austronaut pen’ when she was leaving school (I really dont remember that.. maybe i wasn’t given one!)

I have had no proper interaction with 70% of them over the past few years.. And by proper i mean, proper face-to-face conversation or at least a phone conversation. Not an ocassional “Hi! How are you? You still at the same company?” kind of talk. People have changed.. a lot.. but the one thing that dint change was our love for our school and our class.. Obviously we had all been together for so long..

I always prided myself in having a good memory and being especially good at remembering names.. so i was kind of shocked that i couldnt recall a few(Believe me thats never happened before! So am worried!).
So a big thank you to Swaroopa who has remembered and tagged every single name(which am going to make a note of now) and who is responsible for all this longing in everyone’s hearts to go back in time  🙂

On a completely different note..
I dint have any plans of going out today, and instead of lazing around the whole day, i decided to try my hand at cooking. I have been planning to start cooking since a long long time.. but having a mom and a grandmom who readily whip up tasty dishes and keep feeding me 24×7, i rarely step into the kitchen except to make myself snacks.. Hmmm… how long can that continue? At least i need to pass on the legacy of my grandmother’s wonderful cooking to future generations right? Enough said.
But being the lazy me (when it comes to cooking) i started of with a simple jeera rice and dal fry.. Hey dont judge.. dint you hear me say i dont usually cook at all?
Anyway it came out perfectly and here it is!

Incy Wincy Spider.

Humour, Madness
So. There i was, happy that it was a Saturday, sitting cozily on my bed, with my lappy and a coffee.. when i suddenly see this giant spider on the wall right behind me! My coffee is all over the floor now… and am trying not to stare at it (the eight legged spider..not the coffee). Why.. why  do these creatures find only my house? I guess you cant help it, when you don’t live in the city and you are staying in a colony with trees all around.. Seriously you stand on the terrace and all you can see is green, till the horizon. Lovely place really, except for these dammed creatures. Anyway i was not going to go near it with a 10 foot pole.. so all i had to do was wait for the servant maid to come and get rid of it.

Finally she comes, and i rush her to my room, and she’s looking all over with squinted eyes, trying to spot out the huge giant spider i was talking about. Oh my.. woman…! its right there on the wall.. you have to be blind to not see it. And finally she says ‘Oh that spec over there?’ and she bursts out laughing.
Now am pissed. Because it most definitely is NOT a spec. Its huge.. not huge like the size of my hand but…well… big.. ugly.. creepy… gives me the shivers. Anyway she stops laughing (at my face) because i look like am going to go into a screaming rage.. and hurries out to get a broom stick..

Well well well… clever incy wincy spider began to climb up the bedroom wall here.. and here she is.. making random hitting and swiping motions against the wall with the broom. As if that would get rid of it. By now i realised that she was just humouring me in ‘getting rid of it’. Up and up it goes.. and settles right on my wonderful beautiful painting! And the servant maid, looking all proud with her job well done(or so she thinks) looks at me and says “Ademi cheyyadu ippudu… kindaki radu, nuvvu happy ga pani chesuku” [Translation : It wont do anything to you now. It wont come down, you happily continue your work]

This is so not done. So i gathered whatever courage i had, had a talk with God and decided to gently take the painting hanging on the wall out of the room with the spider balanced on it. Clever little incy wincy saw my hands approaching and began to run all over my painting.. Ugghhh.. spider legs all over… I cannot go into details of what i did here(don’t want to embarrass myself more than necessary), but i did it!!! Threw the spider out, with my own hands.. and insisted that my servant maid follow it, until it reaches and climbs up some far away tree… far far away..!
By now you would have guessed that she obviously dint do that… Did i scare incy wincy more that he scared me?

The Big Why?

As i was sitting in office… staring at the 328 page document i was supposed to read…. my eyes reading the same line over and over again for the nth time without registering a single word…  i started thinking…..

*Why is it that, you promptly feel sleepy when you sit at your desk right after lunch, and, not when you are running to catch a matinee show right after lunch?

*Why is it that, when you are getting out of the mall you see 10 autowalas outside, but, by the time you get all your bags and get down the steps they all vanish?

*Why is it that, the road is empty when you are buying a chips packet on a road side shop but the moment you think of crossing the road… there’s traffic everywhere?

*Why is it that, cars almost always break down only on the middle of a busy fly-over?

*Why is it that, when you get tired of waiting for the elevator and start climbing the stairs, you hear the ‘ting’ of the elevator and when you rush back out, you find a whole crowd trying to squeeze in?

*Why is it that, its only on the days when you are already late to office, there is an amazing movie early morning on HBO ?

*Why is it that, the fabulous shoes that you want to buy are never there the next day?

*Why is it that, on the days you really really plan your work, and actually do it, so that you can go out in the evening, someone comes along and dumps a load of work right before you leave?

*Why is it that, dresses that look perfect in the trial room are just not the same at home in front of your mirror?
*Why is it that, on days when you just dont feel like going to work, coz you know you’ll have a bad day, it turns out to be worse?
*Why is it that, whatever happens in your life, you realise at some point, maybe 1 week later or 5 years down the lane, that it happened for your own good?
*Why is it that, when you are extremely hungry and you sit down at the table, with 5 different dishes staring at you, you feel like eating nothing?
*Why is it that, you get such immense satisfaction out of helping a total stranger?
How is it that blogger connects random people from all over the world and makes you friends, when sometimes you dont even know your next-door-neighbours? 🙂
I guess some questions are best left unanswered!

Blogger Sketch #2

Yes its time for another Blogger Sketch! But this is a tad different…. i dint have time to do another sketch… because i was busy doing this sketch(the one below). Its my sister.. 🙂

Although she is not a blogger, she has the perfect skills to be one (fashion blog, humorous blog – i feel she can carry off anything!). BUT she is a regular on blogger (coz she reads my blog.. hehe ). My #1 follower who is too lazy to comment here but promptly gives her share of comments/views/criticisms on the phone as soon as she reads it!

One of the rarest photos of her, where she looks traditional, doesn’t have one of her weird expressions (her most popular : the total confused look ), is not moving/talking with wild hand gestures, and is smiling a perfect smile (which she has no clue how to do when facing a camera). Am glad i found this 🙂
OK i think i have embarrassed her enough.. I’ll let the picture do the talking…..

More to come…………..