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1. Today’s blog agenda just like every other day is to just ramble away. As you know i write about anything and everything that comes to my mind. There is no particular ‘theme/topic’ that i try to follow, and thats the way i like it and more importantly, thats the way i am!

2. I miss painting. I should start one soon. The last one i did was EXACTLY an year back! Can you believe it?

3. Am dressed in all black today ( and i have no idea why i just said that )

4. People all around me are getting married. All of a sudden. Really. And am pissed. Only good thing is that i get to shop and deck up and get photographed. ( I cant believe how shallow and immature i sound sometimes!)

5. I hope i get to go to Australia soon. Really soon. (Dad do you hear me???)

6. I have been watching the news for the past one hour. Surprised? . Dont be. One of my friend’s interview is supposed to be aired now.

7. My hair is so brown. It looks all the more brown against my all-black attire.

8. The weather is absolutely amazing today. I wish i were out .

9. Jobless me is making a list of restaurants to visit in the near future 🙂 and ill go shopping today!

10. I love the new airtel 3G ad. The music is amazing!



Bright Shiny Morning


Finally got my hands on this 🙂  I have been searching for it since so long. After ‘A million Little Pieces’ and ‘My Friend Leonard’ , i couldnt wait to read this and had a lot of expectations from it. Of course now am familiar with James Frey’s style of writing so most of it was what i expected it to be. Although the content seems the exact opposite of what the title suggests, when you dig deep, it seems just perfect. Its plain and truthful. He puts truth and reality right in front of your face and as much as you hate it, you just have to accept it. It has 4 parallel stories:
Amberton & Casey – the rich actor/actress couple who seem to have everything they want.
Old Man Joe – who sits on the beach and waits for an answer and wants to do some good.
Esperanza – struggling to cope with her self-confidance and self-esteem.
Dylan & Maddie – hopeful, in love and in search of a better life for themselves.

Apart from these it has snippets of stories of people with dreams, hopes, who go west , who drive towards the “glow”, to start a new life. And quite a few facts about Clifornia and LA.
As much as i expected the ending to be tragic, i was hoping it wouldnt be. With every turn of a page, i was dreading that this would be it. But like his previous books, he saved it for the last pages ( Doesnt make it any less depressing ). But somehow the story wouldn’t have been “right” with a happy ending. So its disappointingly, tragically, perfect.

Cant wait for his next book!

Criticism – constructive or destructive?


Constructive criticism. Always felt that was an oxymoron. But now i think it depends on each individual whether they choose to make it “constructive” or not. Criticism is always the same – points out your faults, something that you dint do right, something that you could have done much better, something wrong that you said and the list goes on. However mildly it is put, however subtle or direct it may be, it is not constructive until you make it to be so. We are all blessed with enough intelligence that we agree criticism is necessary. To improve ourselves, to get a clearer picture of where we went wrong, to get better ideas and so on. But as much as we agree upon this fact we all have that tiny little problem called ego when it comes to facing criticism. Ok not tiny, its a huge problem. The main cause which makes “constructive criticism” seem like insults and just to our ears. And this not-so-tiny problem pops up like an ugly monster exactly when you dont need it. And it takes a lot of self-control to maintain a clear head in such situations and take criticism “well”.

As always there are two sides to this coin. “Criticism is prejudice made plausible”.  Constructive criticism is about finding something good and positive to soften the blow to the real critique of what really went on. Not to be mixed with your personal feelings/hatred/prejudices and unleashed on some poor bloke. Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things. As much as i hated it as a kid, i dont consider it an oxymoron anymore. I believe in criticism now. It makes makes or breaks a person and the responsibility lies, with, both the person criticizing and the person being criticized.

And of course all this “thinking” about constructive criticism started when i looked back upon such situations in my life and how i had reacted then. Mostly even though i became hot-headed at that moment, i finally realized the point they were trying to make. But there were also many instances where i became defensive, thought “that person” had no right to comment/compliment/criticize me, fought for it when i felt it was unnecessary only to realize later that i needed it. It takes time ( a lot of it in my case! ) to put aside your ego ( i have a lot of it! ) and trust that “the other person” is not insulting you but just offering healthy, constructive criticism 🙂

So how do you think you can give constructive criticism without demoralizing the person?

Merry christmas to Hotel Jagar!


I had a surprise in the mailbox today! A greeting card…. from Vienna!!!
Thats right, vienna, where we went for a holiday two months back. I still remember Hotel Jagar… we were tired, hungry and damm sleepy as we had been on road since morning and arrived in vienna sometime around two- lunch time. We were searching for hotels to stay in, the first one on our list was a student hostel which they used as a hotel for tourists during summer. It was small, cramped and we hated it. The second was no good either(way too expensive). And the third was this -Hotel Jagar. It was adorable in its European style and we immediately loved it. We hardly stayed there for 2 days, so you can imagine my shock when i found a christmas card from them in the post today! That is so sweet and thoughtful! To remember us and send it, all the way to India.

It was a family-run hotel being run by a mother and a daughter, and it was so neat, well maintained and so cozy 🙂 They were helpful and warm from the beginning, they recommended a lovely greek restaurant (ilysia) where we had the most wonderful Veg Mousaka, and then directed us to the tram station and the cathedral…. basically helped us out a lot..! And Vienna! What can i say..traditional.. Old fashioned.. Classy.. Elegant.. Beautiful beautiful beautiful… most well maintained roads.. A classy town where you get everything from high end designer ware to cute shops with little trinkets..

So here’s wishing the people at Hotel Jagar (sorry i forgot their names!) a merry christmas and a happy new year! (too early but hey! they sent us the card right)… I would definitely visit vienna and their hotel once again!

A pic at the entrance of Hotel Jagar.



Ever had that killer instinct? That never-say-die attitude? Every felt a yearning in every cell of your body to just go for it? Am not talking about a single incident or a single day, but for your entire life (until now). Is it possible to stay so strong and not give up despite anything? I am in awe when i look at quadriplegics, cancer survivors, people who have lost limbs, poeple in such dire conditions , which, for us even to imagine is the end of the world! And for them – just another reason to fight and live. SURVIVORS! They might have bad days.. days we can never imagine, but they dont give up. What is it that makes a person so strong? Where do they find that strength? Is is only when you are faced with such dire circumstances that you look deep into you and bring out the courage and literally fight for your life? If they are able to do it, with a smile and without complaining, if they are able to inspire and encourage others to do it, why cant we try to be half of what they are in our daily lives? They become a beacon of hope, a ray of light for people from all walks of life.

But then again.. how do we do that? When in daily life do you show that strength when there is no “situation”? That again raises the question, is there no way to test our strength unless we are thrown into such circumstances?The obvious answer seems yes, but i feel we can implement this in the oridanry things that we do.. Like never giving up till you score 100% in your exams, never giving up until you get that promotion at work , never giving up until you make that relationship work

Take the story of Nick Vujicic –
Life Without Limbs:
Imagine being born without arms. No arms to wrap around a friend ; no hands to hold the ones you love; no fingers to experience touch ; no way to lift or carry things. How much more difficult would life be if you were living without arms and hands? Or what about legs? Imagine if instead of no arms, you had no legs. No ability to dance, walk, run, or even stand. Now put both of those scenarios together… no arms and no legs. What would you do? How would that affect your everyday life?

Now at 27 years old, this limbless young man has accomplished more than most people accomplish in a lifetime. Nick recently made the massive move from Brisbane, Australia to California, USA, where he is the President of an international non-profit organization; Life Without Limbs, and also has his own motivational speaking company; Attitude Is Altitude.

My favourite video of his which always  succeeds in inspiring me, always.

Its about a 3 min video so make sure you watch it and LEARN 🙂

**If God can use a man without arms and legs to be His hands and feet, then He will certainly use any willing heart!**
    – Nick Vujicic

Shoes.. shoes.. my pretty shoes!

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So am seriously seriously in need of space.. space for my shoes! Although i haven’t bought a pair for a very very long time, i still seem to have quite a few pairs.. I do have space for them ( after pushing all of my mom’s shoes – which is 3 or 4 pairs, to the tiniest corner of the cupboard and  on top of each other ) BUT its really not to my liking.. For one thing i just dont like my shoes to be on top of one another… and i wanted a whole rack for myself.. which is obviously difficult when we need to accomodate the shoes of 6 people in one small cupboard… and  especially when there are people like me and my aunt, who just love buying new shoes and never throw away any 🙂 So this is my wish-list.. Something like this would definitely solve my problems.. or any girl’s in fact!!!

Some really cool over-the-door shoe organizers..

Space Savers :

Cant wait to have some!!! ( The storage or the shoes?? You guessed it right… BOTH!!! )

A ‘thank you’ said and a ‘promise’ broken!

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Its a great feeling when people tell you that you have inspired them to start a blog (Amuktha), or that the first thing they do in the morning after reaching office is to read your blog (Teja), to get that smile on their face, a fresh and happy start to their day. I know many people read my blog, so a BIG thanks to the few special ones who do leave comments and follow it 🙂 and also to all those who read my blog and love it.. it makes my day when you say it… and makes me want to write more 🙂

Thank You!

p.s- i knew my lazy self would not maintain the promise.. aaggghhh.. fine i agree.. Last Warning!
       A-post-a-day it’ll be from now on!

p.p.s – settling down with a hot cup of coffee now!

Lucky number 9?


Lucky numbers… lucky charms… lucky dress… lucky shoes… lucky bag…and one time… even a lucky head band! Yeah.. just some of the few “lucky items” that help score in exams… Of course all of us have gone through this phase.. For me it was a lucky dress and a lucky bag, until the dress tore on an “unlucky” day…. so that did it i guess…. i chucked my lucky bag… chucked my superstitions… and of course.. i did briliantlly 🙂
Am losing touch with writing exams… Its hard to believe that i used to love exams more than holidays in school (insane eh?). Never did i get tensed for exams… i enjoyed writing them… But times have changed.. I have changed.. and the winds have blown a different personality into me… one that gets tensed up for everything 😐

Am thankfull its only before and once i start anything, be it an exam or a presention, poof!!! it vanishes…
I finished my exam today, finally! with an hour to spare, dreaming about the exams i gave in school and college and the love/hate relationship i seem to have with them 🙂

Its done now… and tomorrow Harry Potter!!! 😀

The Boy Who Lived and The Boy Who cost us 500 bucks.

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Once again it starts.. The potter mania.. What all doesn’t it make poeple do??? Take for instance 3 die-hard fans – me and two of my friends. First we book tickets in the last row, too happy to bother about comfort.. lost in anticipation.. and approximately 4hrs later this is what happened.

Shwe- how come for sat – 3.50 i see seats for the above rows?
Me – where? where? they are all occupied.
Shwe – am seeing row i,j free
Me – let me see
      They were not there before!!!
      Do people cancel even for harry potter?
Shwe – i have no idea
      i wish we could cancel ours..
Me – shall we book again?? and give these 3 to someone else??
         ( my brilliant idea )
Shwe – (really upset)
        who re… who will take?
       do you know someone??
Me – (really really upset )
         i dunno how this happened.
Shwe – (all practical and wise now)
        i know babes..
        is it woth wasting 500?
        i can book now.. and we can find someone outside the theater
       if not 500 gaya.. is it a good idea though?
Me – aahhhh this too much!!!
Shwe – Chill na.. we’ll watch from M only…
Me – ok.. forget it.. dont book again…
         i dont wanna lose money
Shwe – so we leave it???
Me – (very reluctantly ) ya i guess….
Shwe – and forget this conversation ever happened
            (talk about dramatic!)
Me – thats hard… damm hard!!!
Shwe- now even J is free.. do u see the same or am i dreaming??
Me -ok stopppppppppppp!!! ask rush wat to do..
Shwe – she dint pick up.. i hate book my show 😦
Me -should we book? i mean its harry potter.. lastttttttt movie…
Shwe – awwwwwwwww… dont tempt me..
        ok chuck it… am booking!
        i say we book!
Me- (waiting ) should we advertise on fb kya??? that we have extra tickets??
Shwe – okie. Done. Booked.
Me- cool  🙂 now what do we do with these tickets???

Well i dont know what we’ll do with those, but hey, thats us! book first and think later :p
Whatever said and done.. its HARRY POTTER… and its worth it! *grin*

*Three cheers to Harry potter*

The never ending rainy season

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Its been raining for almost 5 months now!!! I guess no one can actually believe it.. Just upto last year we were lucky if it rained for a whole week.. talk about 5 months!!! Aaahhh.. I remember those days, when it took me 4 hours to get home from office.. Frustrating for the driver- yes, as for me, i would sit in the back seat watching the raindrops form patters on the window and shimmer like stars under the streetlights.. sounds romantic na? Well not always.. There were days when i would be hungry as hell, tired, cramped legs and would have done anything to get out of that inching traffic..! But most of the days were good.. I discovered so many tiny shops and places which i would have otherwise missed ( if i was zooming past ). So all in all – good days! Although i must say my driver disagrees.. He is so happy that i left my job.. and that too, at the right time, is what he said. Being at home is no fun at all on a rainy day.. and when its combined with studying – it downright sucks!!! Aahh well, only a few more days.. and then freedom!!! I can go back to getting stuck in traffic, and water getting splashed all over me while waking on the road, going for long walks in my colony in the rain…. and who can forget?? hot cups of coffee 🙂
Of course all this only if the rains decide to drench us for a few more days… and looking at the trend so far.. i think they are here to stay.. dont you?? 🙂