my daily dose of internet.. this one is for u :)


i cant believe how dependant i have become on the internet.. one day with out knowing what all the strangers in the world have been up to.. and it makes me cranky as hell!  so my day went something like this….

7:00 am
wake up. brush. turn on the laptop coz i need to check if there r any latest post from the current fashion blog that following..(my latest obsession *wide grin* ) no internet. oh well.. its too early.. after a while then!

9:30 am
Finish my breakfast. Get a glass of orange juice. switch on tv. turn on laptop. no internet.hmmm… how come? try refreshing the page. think of checking the modem.. oh wait… its legally blonde-2 on tv…! and its just starting.. modem checking fades from my mind.. all is well 🙂 for now.

time for brunch.. my pre-lunch snack… muching onto something and turn on the laptop.. ok something is seriously wrong.. it shouldnt take this long.. i check the modem.. i switch it on and off a couple of times.. nothing. i start looking through the photos.. spend a happy happy hour looking at allllll the pics ( in a particular order.. yea am kinda weird that way *shrugs*) lunch time soon.. can smell my grandma’s yummy cooking.. who needs internet.. all i want is a big hearty meal and my beauty sleep 🙂

3:00 pm
 ok am done with lunch.. am done with chatting with my grandma.. done watching some hindi serial with her.. done searching for some book for my grandpa. So. Oh ya the fashion blog… turn on both laptop and desktop (like thats gonna work) no internet.. refresh.refresh.refresh.refresh.refresh. Nothing. Try the same thing on the desktop.Nothing. (Obviously) I check the modem. Turn it on and off.. reset it… Oh well.. to hell with it.. What do i have my cell for? *happy-smile-settle-on-my-beanbag*

it is STILL loading the page.. Man! my cell is slow.. how long does it take to login to blogger.. i cancel and try again… Even more slow.. i open facebook.. Zero notifications.. throw my cell aside.. call my mom.. ask her to come home soon coz there is no internet and am bugged..

Mom’s back 😀 . i chatter away with her.. another happy hour goes by.. i go make myself a sandwich, grab a guava and a glass of juice and settle in front of the tv.. Watching ‘Lie to me’ and after that ‘Masterchef Australia’ and then ‘How I met your mother’ Great! Am happy till 7:30.

check laptop.check desktop.check the dsl light on the modem-its blinking.hmmmm… must be a problem with  their server then.sad.. i cant even call and complain.. Wonder what to do.. dig up some old novel and try to get buried in it.. but i just NEED to check the blog..i just NEED to see if there are ANY updates.. *sigh*

Its working.. yay!! i dunno how.. i dont care.. black to bliss 🙂


zapped away!


been a long time since i adorned my blog with yet another of my fun-filled , fact-filled posts.. the reason is that.. well i have been busy.. ( yes i can see you sniggering )… people like me tend to have a life too.. a busy life that too!  Though am at home.. there is simply tooooo much work and i have absolutely no clue how and why time is flying by so fast… apart from work i have a hundred other things that i want to do (as usual).. so trying to cram up how much ever i can into whatever amount of time that i have..

Another reason why i havent honoured blogspot with yet another of my charming lil blogs is that i have been too lazy to write… and i have lost the last bit of creativity that i have.. sad but true.. am in the mood to write.. sitting in front of the PC…fingers ready to fly over the keyboard.. waiting to unleash all my thoughts..BUT.. am stumped..

i guess too much monotony in my life has zapped away my writing skills… *** sigh *** has zapped away pretty much everything… (again ! am being paradoxical)

hmmm.. so this is my desperate but determined attempt to get my life back.. which i have been thinking of doing since many days… i guess there’s still hope..!!!



Even when am in my most frustrationg, depressed and confused moods… rahman manages to make me smile 🙂

Rote kaayko hum, hey, rote kaayko hum
Hona hai jo ho, sad hote kaayko hum

Cry cry, itna cry
Karte hain kaayko
Itna darte hain kaayko
Pal pal marte kaayko

Why why, aisa why
Waisa kyun hota
Yun hota to kya hota
Jo hota hai woh hota

Fly fly, baby fly
Dekhen aa ud ke
Dekhen baadal se jud ke
Dekhen phir na mud mud ke

Amazing.. i still cant stop smiling 🙂