Me at my best.. or is it?

Coffee, Humour, Madness

What all DONT i do to make it look smart, witty, short and at the same time describe me and my blog.. all in one single phrase.. phew! The number of days and nights i spent to come with a half decent blog address.. its so frustrating to see that every address you come up with is taken by someone who has opened a blog 5 yrs ago with a single post and a single sentence. I let it be in the beginning.. for a while.. waiting for something unusual to pop up in my mind.. something catchy.. something.. ANYTHING! i googled.. extensively.. i stringed together the most unlikely and random words hoping it’ll transform into something hilarious and smart.. All i got was pages and pages filled with incorrigible phrases.. every witty title i come up with has been taken.. this was enough proof that i was totally overestimating me and my brain.. finally..  i stuck with this.. Coz that was what i had in my hand and mind at that time.. and luckily this title was available ( i wonder why ).. so here it is.. A toast to my heavenly coffee and my momentary madness.. U helped me out!


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